About Us

Change The Universe is a meeting place and a source of inspiration for those of us who want to participate in making the world a better place. Change The Universe publishes ideas on how we as citizens through behaviour or actions can contribute. We believe in diversity and tolerance, and as our framework and guiding compass, we rely on the UN Declaration Of Human Rights.

Good Behaviour. Better Than Money.

Change The Universe is non-profit, non-religious and non-political. We welcome world-enhancing ideas born out of philosophy, psychology, technology, history, natural science, social science and the science of common sense. Founded 2013 in Sweden, Change The Universe welcomes you to participate at local workshops and at our larger events. We honor ideas that are doable. In particular, we focus on the human behavior – how can the way you and I behave change what is not so good to the better?

The scheme is simple: small local workshops are held to discuss new ideas, and larger Events are held to invite the public and the decision-makers to listen, discuss and be inspired by “idea speeches”. In addition, Change The Universe runs The CTU Blog, where short texts from both well-known and never-heard-of thinkers are published.

Change is good.

It’s all about change. To the better. We at Change The Universe like to think that the seed to change lies within our mind. We believe that if the desire to change blends up with intelligence and knowledge – it will lead to action, thought and speech.

Through our interactive Workshops and Events, we hope to bring about increased understanding of challenging phenomena like inequality, oppression, intolerance, loneliness and other issues – understanding about the context of the challenges and what creates them, understanding about how the state of things can be changed. To the better. We want to sow the seeds and allow them to slowly affect the whole chain – and in the end – help reduce suffering.

There are many fantastic organizations around – among them the ones that provide humanitarian help in catastrophy areas, the ones that collect money to those in need, the ones that gather great thinkers who can analyze world politics and map complex social issues. CTU wants to contribute to the same good, and we want to do it by activating all of you who run around with your mind full of good but unleashed ideas. To give you a forum and to help spreading meaningful and doable ideas on how we as individuals can contribute to something good by making small or big changes in our behaviour or actions.

We ask ourselves: What could I do to make the world a happier place?

Change The Universe want to bring out the good ideas and inspire change in those who think they have no power at all, and in those who does not appreciate how great a power they possess.

Change Your Mind. Change The Universe.

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